Adult Mental Health – Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

What is ARMHS?

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) are a set of services that were developed to bring restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals who have the capacity to benefit from them, whether in their homes or elsewhere in the community. ARMHS includes four components: basic living and social skills, community intervention, medication education, and transitioning to community living.


New ARMHS revisions: an info seminar for certified provider organizations

This is an information seminar for Certified ARMHS Provider Organizations that will describe the newly approved ARMHS categories, service rate changes for the five existing ARMHS categories, and guidance on claims submission. In addition, we will discuss next steps for ARMHS in Minnesota. Enrollment information can be found on the AMHD Training Website.

Application update

The ARMHS application and certification requirements have been posted. Both documents are posted in eDocs and available online. Application disclaimer: because the forms are a dynamic Adobe PDF, they can only be accessed via a desktop computer or a Mac. Tablets and iPads are not currently supported. The application also will not open in Google Chrome.

Training – quarterly ARMHS application provider information seminar

All providers who are interested in becoming an ARMHS provider are required to attend the ARMHS Information Seminar. The potential ARMHS provider must register the qualified Clinical Supervisor/Clinical Consultant, as well as the entity’s Administrative Representative. This session is provided quarterly. Seminars will be held July 15, 2016, October 21, 2016, January 20, 2017 and April 21, 2017. All seminars will be on Fridays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Enrollment information can be found on the AMHD Training Website.

I want to be a Provider

There are many steps required to become a successful ARMHS provider. Complete the following steps in the order given.

1. Read the legislation and the FAQs to gain an understanding of ARMHS.

2. If not already done, start your Business or Non-Profit – disclaimer: we are unable to provide any assistance with starting your business.

3. Have all clinical staff complete the pre-requisite online trainings before enrolling and attending the information session. These trainings will take some time, so please plan accordingly.

4. Enroll in the mandatory information session – offered quarterly

a. Both the business person, and clinical supervisor(s) must attend.

b. The registration will close the Wednesday night before the session.

5. Complete the Application and Provider Certification Requirements. Applications must be filled out electronically.

6. Use the Checklist to ensure your application is complete.

7. Submit your signed application, with attachments, and signed certification requirements to:

a. The Application and Certification Requirements must be the original eDocs, and may not be altered.

b. Applications may take approximately 5 weeks for DHS/AMHD Staff to review, and may be longer due to scheduling.

If approved, you will then need to enroll with Provider Enrollment, pay the fee, and receive an onsite visit from the Office of Inspector General. Upon final approval from Provider Enrollment, you may then start providing services. This part of the process could take up to 3 additional months.

I am an ARMHS Provider – what do I need to know!

1. Contact Information: ARMHS Policy Lead, 651-431-2225 or

2. FAQs

3. MHCP Training Page for Mental Health

4. Rates are published annually in the following mental health reimbursement chart.

5. Recertification Process - The following recertification documents are to be used by providers seeking recertification of ARMHS.

Overview of the Recertification Process (PDF) 7 pages (October 2005)

Recertification Application Instructions (PDF) 10 pages (October 2005)

Recertification Application (Word document) 10 pages (October 2005)

Local Recertification Process/Application (PDF) 8 pages (June 2005)

6. Reporting through the Mental Health Information System (MHIS) is required of all ARMHS providers. The MHIS reporting instructions and materials are located on the Adult Mental Health Technical Assistance page.


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