Alcohol and drug abuse partners and providers:

Opiate Replacement Therapy


There are a variety of resources available for developing and operating programs to provide opiate replacement therapy.

State Methadone Authority. Rick Moldenhauer is the State Methadone Authority. Rick is employed by the Chemical Health Division of the Department of Human Services. Rick is available for technical assistance on all aspects of opiate replacement therapy provision. Rick can be contacted at the e-mail address above or at (651) 431-2474.

Methadone treatment is regulated by both the federal and state government

Federal regulation. The primary federal regulation governing opiate replacement therapy is 42 CFR Part 8.

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment’s Division of Pharmacologic Therapies is the primary federal agency involved in the regulation of methadone programs. The Drug Enforcement Agency is also involved in methadone regulation.

State regulation. Methadone treatment programs must have a DHS license, or be provided through a hospital. DHS licenses chemical dependency programs through Rule 31.

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