Nursing Facility Rates and Policy (NFRP) Division

Consumer Information on Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facility Care


About Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facility Care
Basic information on nursing facility care, costs and payment.

Choosing a Nursing Facility
Get help selecting a nursing facility that is right for you or your loved one.

Filing a Complaint Against a Nursing Facility
How to file a complaint against a nursing facility.

Locate a Nursing Facility
Conduct a search for a Minnesota nursing facility by city, county or provider name using the Minnesota Department of Health licensed provider database.

Overview of Nursing Facility Care in Minnesota
Basic facts and statistics about Minnesota nursing facilities.

Resident Rights
Find your rights as a resident of a Minnesota nursing facility.

Quality of Care
Find information about nursing facility quality of care, search facility inspection results and view facility quality ratings.

Other Programs and Projects Serving Elderly Minnesotans

Adult Protection
The Adult Protection unit provides training and consultation about the Minnesota Vulnerable Adults Act and how to identify and report abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

Aging 2030
The Aging 2030 project aims to transform our systems and services so that we are ready for the demographic changes related to an aging society.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) division provides information, resources and services to individuals who are deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.

Food Assistance
The SNAP program helps low-income Minnesotans get the food they need for nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Health Care Coverage for Minnesotans over 65
Information on health care coverage for persons age 65 and older.

Healthy Aging Information
Information about healthy lifestyles that help avoid some of the chronic diseases and conditions associated with aging.

Indian Elder Desk
The Indian Elder Program increases awareness and accessibility to services for Indian elders in urban Indian communities and on the eleven Indian reservations across Minnesota.

Long Term Care Partnership
The Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership is a public/private collaboration that enables Minnesota residents who purchase certain long-term care insurance policies to protect more of their assets if they later need State assistance with paying for their long-term care costs.

Information on Medicare healthcare coverage for individuals 65 years of age and older.

Minnesota Board on Aging
The Minnesota Board on Aging administers and oversees the use of Older Americans Act and state funds to support older Minnesotans.

Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care
The Ombudsman Office works to enhance the quality of life and services for people receiving long-term care services. Ombudsman provide consultation and advocacy for consumers of long-term care services.

Prescription Drug Assistance
Information about prescription drug assistance options and help to lower prescription drug costs.

Senior LinkAge LineŽ
An information and assistance service for seniors seeking services.

Services for Individuals that are Blind or Visually Impaired
The State Services for the Blind unit assists people who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind or experiencing vision loss.

Social Security
Information on the federal social security program, benefits and services.

Telephone Assistance
The federal Lifeline and state Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) programs provide monthly telephone service discounts on one telephone line or wireless telephone for qualifying households.

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