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What is the income limit?
The income limit depends on your family size.

Can I qualify if I have savings, a retirement account, or other assets?
Yes. The value of items you own do not count when deciding if you qualify.

What does coverage cost?
There is no cost to you. Pregnant women do not have copays or monthly premiums.

When can my coverage start?
Coverage may start on the first day of the month you became pregnant or up to three months before the month we get your application, whichever is later.

Is my baby covered?
Your baby is covered if you are covered on the day your baby is born. As long as your baby lives in Minnesota, coverage continues through the month of his or her first birthday.

Can I qualify if I have other health insurance?
You may still get coverage depending on the program you qualify for. You must tell us if you have other health insurance or could get coverage through an employer or military service.

Sometimes we can pay the cost of the other insurance so you can keep that coverage.

What if I do not qualify and still need coverage?
You may qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) to help pay for insurance through Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, MNsure. An APTC helps pay part or all of the health care premium. Even if you do not qualify for an APTC, you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance. You cannot be denied coverage because you are pregnant.

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