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What is the income limit?
The income limit and whose income is counted depend on who lives with you. People who receive home- and community-based waivered services or nursing home care may have different income rules.

Can I get coverage if I have a house or car?
Yes, usually the home you live in and a car are not counted toward the asset limit.

Can I get coverage if I have savings, a retirement account or other assets?
Yes, but there is an asset limit. Retirement accounts may be considered differently than other assets.

If I get coverage, will you put a lien on my house?
A lien may be filed against your house if you live in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. A lien is a claim on your house to get repayment of health care costs that were paid by the state. You can learn more by reading the brochure People living in a nursing home or getting Elderly Waiver services (PDF), or contacting your county office.

What will coverage cost?
For many people the only cost is copays for some services. If you are over the income limit, you may have to pay a spenddown.

When will coverage start?
After you are approved, coverage may:

  • • Go back to the date your application was received, or
  • • Go back three months from the date your application was received.

  • Call your county worker if you have questions about when coverage can start.

    What if I have Medicare or other health insurance?
    You may still get coverage. You must tell us if you:

  • • Have other health insurance
  • • Could be covered under someone else’s insurance
  • • Could get coverage through an employer or military service.

  • Sometimes we can pay the cost of your Medicare or other insurance so you can keep that coverage.

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    (800) 657-3739 (outside Twin Cities metro area)
    TTY: (800) 627-3529 or 711
    Senior LinkAge Line®
    at (800) 333-2433
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