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Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Program

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) is the name for Minnesota's Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program. C&TC is a comprehensive child health program provided to children and teens from newborn through the age of 20 who are enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare.

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The purpose of the program is:

  • To identify potential health problems or handicapping conditions;
  • To provide diagnosis and treatment of those health problems or conditions; and
  • To encourage the development of good health habits.
  • C&TC Brochures








    C&TC Health Care For Kids Brochure

    C&TC Being a Teenager

    Your Growing Child (YGC) - A Family Brochure

    C&TC Coordinators List

    C&TC Periodic Screening Schedule

    C&TC Screening Checklists for Parents

    0-1 month visit DHS-4311A

    3 year visit DHS-4311J

    2 month visit DHS-4311B

    4 year visit DHS-4311K

    4 month visit DHS-4311C

    5 year visit DHS-4311L

    6 month visit DHS-4311D

    6 year visit DHS-4311M

    9 month visit DHS-4311E

    8 year visit DHS-4311N

    12 month visit DHS-4311F

    10 year visit DHS-4311O

    15 month visit DHS-4311G

    12 year visit DHS-4311P

    18 month visit DHS-4311H

    14 year visit DHS-4311Q

    24 month visit DHS-4311I

    16 year visit DHS-4311R


    18 year visit DHS-4311S


    20 year visit DHS-4311T

    The checklists listed above are also available in Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. To view and/or print a translated version, go to Documents and Forms and enter the form number (shown in parenthesis above) in the search field.

    Also, check out these sites:

    Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Web site

    Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Web site

    Minnesota Department of Education's Web page on Early Childhood Screening, required for children to enroll in Minnesota public schools.

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