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Questions about applying for Minnesota Health Care Programs

  • • Contact your local county agency or the state MinnesotaCare office.
  • • Contact a navigator. A navigator is a person or group that gives free application help. Go to MNsure or call 855-336-7873 for a list of navigators.
  • • For the Minnesota Family Planning Program, call 651-431-3480 or 888-702-9968 (toll free).
  • • Senior LinkAge Line at 800-333-2433 or Disability Linkage Line at 866-333-2466
  • Questions about letters you receive in the mail

    Check the letter for a phone number to call with questions. If you cannot find a number on the letter, call your worker.

  • • If you have a county worker, contact your local county agency.
  • • For MinnesotaCare, contact the state MinnesotaCare office.
  • • For the Minnesota Family Planning Program, call 651-431-3480 or 888-702-9968 (toll free).
  • Questions about what health care services are covered

  • • If you are enrolled in a health plan, call your health plan’s member services.
  • • If you are not enrolled in a health plan, call the Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Helpdesk.
  • Use Minnesota Relay services to call any of the above numbers

  • • TTY service: 711 or 800-627-3529
  • • Speech-to-speech relay: 711 or 877-627-3848
  • Minnesota Department of Human Services

    E-mail us

    Due to privacy laws (see warning below), we may be able to respond better to your question by calling you. If we can reach you during business hours, you may include your name and phone number in your e-mail. We will use this information only to contact you about the e-mail you send us.

    Warning about e-mail: Information sent by e-mail over the Internet is not secure and can be intercepted and read by other Internet users. The Department of Human Services (DHS) recommends that you do not use e-mail to send private or confidential data about yourself or others unless it has been encoded or encrypted. In addition, DHS will not use e-mail to transmit responses that contain private or confidential data on an individual unless we can ensure the security and integrity of the information or we have the individual's consent to transmit such unsecured data. Also note that any e-mail submitted to DHS may be forwarded internally in order to direct it to the appropriate person.

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