Health Care Waivers

Refer to the following web pages and documents for information:

Prepaid Medical Assistance Project Plus (PMAP+) Section 1115 Waiver: PMAP+ Waiver webpage

Minnesota Family Planning Program Section 1115 Waiver: MFPP Waiver webpage

Spousal Deeming Section 1115 Waiver: Spousal Deeming Section 1115 Waiver Proposal

Reform 2020 Section 1115 Waiver: Reform 2020 Waiver webpage

Indian Health Board 1115 Waiver: Indian Health Board waiver web page

Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+) Section 1915(b) Waiver

  • MSC+ Waiver – Overview
  • MSC+ Waiver Renewal Request – Application (PDF)
  • MSC+ Waiver Renewal Request – Appendix A and B (PDF)
  • MSC+ Waiver Renewal Request – Cost-Effectiveness Spreadsheet 1
  • MSC+ Waiver Renewal Request – Cost-Effectiveness Spreadsheet 2
  • CMS Approval Letter (PDF)

  • Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO): MSHO web pages

    Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CCDTF) Section 1915(b) Waiver

  • CCDTF Waiver Renewal Request (PDF)
  • CMS Approval Letter

  • Minnesota Case Management (CM) Section 1915(b) Waiver

  • CM Waiver – Overview
  • Notice of Public Comment Period on Proposed Renewal of CM Waiver (PDF)
  • • CM Waiver Renewal Request-December 2016 Draft for Public Comment
  • CM Waiver Approved through March 31, 2017 (PDF)
  • CMS Approval Letter (PDF)

  • CFSS Consultation and Financial Management Services Waiver Section 1915(b) Waiver

  • CFSS Section 1915(b) Waiver Request (PDF)
  • CMS Letter – CFSS Waiver Request Received (PDF)

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