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Minnesota Department of Human Services DD Screening Document Codebook
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Page posted: 3/1/04

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The developmental disability (DD) screening process is based upon a physical and mental evaluation to determine whether an individual:

  • • Meets the level of care provided in a nursing facility
  • • Needs specialized services
  • OBRA Screening Before Nursing Facility Placement

    Case manager’s comment screen

    If nursing facility stay longer than originally authorized, submit an action type 01 along with the Level II assessment:

    1. List results of the Level II assessment on the comment screen of the full team-screening document.
    2. List additional comments that support the need for an extended stay in the nursing facility. Date and give signature to all comments.

    3. Enter 570 in the override location on the ADD1 screen to manually route to DHS when completed,

    4. If the person has an active service agreement in MMIS, close the service agreement. Use the waiver-out date as the service agreement end date. DHS is unable to approve the waiver out and full team screening documents if the service agreement is open.

    If DHS approves the nursing facility placement, DHS will:

  • • Make any necessary technical changes and approve the document.
  • • Complete a waiver-out (action type 05) document and sequence the document as needed prior to the approval of the action type 01 for the nursing facility placement for persons receiving waiver services through the DD Waiver
  • If DHS places a “Y” in the “Time Limited” field to time limit the stay, the next screening must be an action type 01.

    If DHS needs additional clarification, DHS routes the screening documents back to the county:

  • • In suspended status
  • • With a note in the DHS comments screen requesting additional information or indicating changes that the county is required to make to the document before approval
  • Counties must:

  • • Provide additional information or make the required changes
  • • Delete the county code in the override location and enter 570
  • • Press F3 to save the document and route for final approve to DHS
  • Additional Resources

    DSPM OBRA policy

    OBRA scenarios (PDF)

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