Child Support Ė Enforcing orders

  • Most parents pay their child support as ordered. But, when parents do not meet their obligations, child support offices will enforce the support orders. Parents who cannot pay their child support should contact their county child support worker right away.
  • Enforcement Remedies

  • Cases must meet certain criteria before any action is taken. Generally, child support policy allows enough time for the child support office to give a parent proper notice and an option to pay the arrears or to set up a pay agreement.
  • Some enforcement actions take time and some actions may not be appropriate for a case. The child support office and the county attorney review the case and the likelihood of success before taking some actions.
  • The child support agency may take certain actions to enforce an order and collect support. Actions may include:
  • Parentís rights and responsibilities

    Form 3 Appendix A is a court document attached to every child support order in Minnesota. It tells parents their rights and responsibilities under the law.

    Debt and arrears management

    The child support office has an arrears management policy that may be help parents avoid or overcome problems paying child support. Contact your county child support worker for more information.

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