Child Support – Working with other states

Every state must provide child support services regardless of where the other parent lives.

If the obligor or alleged father lives in another state, the Minnesota Child Support Agency may:

  • • Be able to take the next step on the case, or
  • • Request the help of the other state’s child support agency.

  • Every state:

  • • Has child support agencies
  • • Must follow federal child support regulations
  • • Has the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) law, which:
  • • Allows only one current support order at a time
  • • Requires a tribunal to determine the one controlling order if there is more than one order for support
  • • Defines which state may modify an order
  • • Allows for income withholding for child support across state lines.

    More information about other states’ child support laws and procedures is in the federal Intergovernmental Reference Guide.

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