Child Support - Direct Deposit

The state office sends child support payments to a parent by direct deposit into the parent’s:

  • Checking
  • • Savings, or
  • Stored value card account (ReliaCard®Visa®).
  • Benefits of direct deposit

    Direct deposit is an electronic method of payment for receiving Minnesota child support payments. Direct deposit is:

  • • Convenient: no trips to the bank or paying check cashing fees
  • • Fast: child support payments are automatically deposited into the check, savings, or stored value account
  • • Safe: direct deposit is secure and eliminates worries about lost or stolen checks
  • • Efficient: saves taxpayers money by not having to print and mail checks.
  • Sign up for direct deposit

    Parents choose the account to which their child support payments will be deposited. If a parent does not sign up for direct deposit within 20 days of opening a child support case, the child support office will instruct U.S. Bank to open a stored value card account in the parent’s name.

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