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  • • MHCP denies all T2029 & E1399 claims for specialized supplies & equipment through the waiver or AC programs if the description of the actual item, being authorized or dispensed, is not on either the service authorization (SA) or the claim line. Make sure:
  • • The individual items being authorized are described before dispensing the item(s)
  • • Describe the individual item you dispense, on the claim line
  • For example:
  • • Describing “disposable undergarments” on the SA and “Diapers” on the claim line would be okay
  • • Describing “incontinence supplies” on the SA and “disposable undergarments ” on the claim line will be denied as the SA does not describe which incontinence supply was authorized
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  • • To report suspected fraud or abuse by a provider agency, rendering provider or MHCP recipient, contact the DHS SIRS section at:

    651-431-2650 or 1-800-657-3750
    FAX: 651-431-7569
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