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Minnesota Department of Human Services MN–ITS User Manual
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MN–ITS — Registration

All provider organizations must register for MN–ITS before they are able to access any MN–ITS features. Enrolled provider organizations receive a customized MN–ITS Registration Letter with an initial User ID and Password which the MN–ITS Administrator must use during the MN–ITS registration process. If you need a copy of this letter, contact the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 1-800-366-5411.

Who Needs to Register for MN–ITS?

  • • All providers who receive payment directly from DHS ("pay to" providers)
  • • All clearinghouses and billing intermediaries that submit electronic transactions on behalf of MHCP-enrolled providers
  • The role of Provider Administrator is assigned to the first person entered during your initial MN–ITS registration. If you need to assign this role to a different person, contact the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 1-800-366-5411, select OPTION 6, and request that a MN–ITS Primary Administrator change form be placed in your MN–ITS Mailbox.

    If you are not enrolled as an MHCP provider or biller (or are a clearinghouse without an MHCP submitter number), please contact MHCP Provider Enrollment.

    Before You Register

    You must assign one user to act as your organization’s MN–ITS Primary Administrator (PA). You, not MHCP, control the access to who uses your MN–ITS account. During the one-time registration process, your MN–ITS PA will:


    Use the Initial User ID and Initial Password on your MN–ITS registration letter to register your organization to use MN–ITS


    Enter MN–ITS Administrator information for your organization


    Review organizational information


    Read, understand and agree to the EDI Trading Partner Addendum and submit on behalf of your organization; and


    Print or Save a copy of your registration summary for your records.

    Only the MN–ITS PA can assign system rights to others in your organization as needed, reset forgotten or disabled passwords and test your X12 batch transactions if applicable.

    When You Register

    Use your Initial User ID and Password from your MN–ITS Registration Letter to log into the system to register your account.

    If you have your MN–ITS Registration Letter, log in now to register for MN–ITS.

    Note: After registration, if you do not access your account within 365 days, your password will be expired. You will be prompted at login to update your password.

  • • If you are a USER and have forgotten your password, contact your administrator
  • • If you are the MN–ITS Administrator for your organization, contact the MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 1-800-366-5411 (option 6) to have a new, temporary password assigned
  • Return to MN–ITS to register or get more information.

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