Merit System class specifications

Some class specifications are not available online; information regarding these classes may be obtained by contacting the Merit System directly.

There are several class specs per page. Some links below point to the top of a page; in order to find the class spec, scroll down on that page and you will find it.

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Accounting Supervisor

Accounting Technician

Administrative Assistant I

Administrative Assistant II

Administrative Assistant III

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Services Supervisor - Not available

Assistant to Executive Director - Not available

Auto Driver


Bus Driver

Business Manager


Care coordinator – Not available

Case Aide

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Chemical Dependency Coordinator – Not available

Child Health Aide

Child Support and Accounting Unit Supervisor

Child Support Lead Worker

Child Support Officer

Child Support Supervisor I

Child Support Supervisor II

Collections Officer

Community Health Services Manager

Community Public Health Supervisor – Not available

Community Service Aide

Community Support Technician

Contract Services Representative

Coordinator of Aging


Deputy Health and Human Services Director – Not available

Director of Business Management

Director of Health and Human Services – Not available

Director of Public Health Nursing

Division Director


Eligibility Worker

Employment Guidance Counselor

Energy Assistance Program Coordinator - Not available

Executive Assistant


Family Based Services Provider

Family Service Aide I

Family Service Aide II

Financial Assistance Supervisor I

Financial Assistance Supervisor II

Financial Assistance Supervisor III

Fiscal Manager

Fiscal Officer

Fiscal Supervisor I

Fiscal Supervisor II

Fraud Prevention Specialist


Health/Human Services Aide

Health Services Program Aide – Not available

Human Services Director I

Human Services Director II

Human Services Director III

Human Services Director IV

Human Services Manager – Not available

Human Services Supervisor – Not available


Information Systems Spec, Sr.

Information Systems Specialist

Information Technology Spec, Sr. - Not available

Information Technology Specialist - Not available


Language Interpreter – Not available

Lead Eligibility Worker

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Practical Nurse

Long Term Care Program Supervisor – Not available


Management Information Supervisor - Not available

Mental Health Program Manager

Mental Health Worker


Nursing Team Leader


Office Services Supervisor

Office Support Aide

Office Support Specialist

Office Support Specialist, Sr.



Policy Research and Development Manager – Not available

Psychologist I

Psychologist II

Psychologist III

Public Health Aide

Public Health Educator

Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nursing Supervisor


Registered Dietician

Registered Nurse



Senior Citizen's Aide

Social Services Manager

Social Services Supervisor

Social Worker

Social Worker (CPS)

Social Worker (CPS) (Masters)

Social Worker - Team Leader

Social Worker - Masters

Staff Development Specialist, Sr.

Support Enforcement Aide

Support Services Supervisor

Support Services & Accounting Supervisor


Transit Coordinator - Not available


Veteran's Officer - Not available

Volunteer Services Coordinator


Welfare Fraud Investigator

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