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Resource Center

Page posted: 07/01/04

Page reviewed: 4/15/14

Page updated: 4/15/14


The DSD Resource Center is a help desk that provides technical assistance to counties, health plans and DHS staff for the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) in the following areas:

  • • Alternative Care (AC)
  • • Developmental Disabilities (DD)
  • • Home and community-based services (home care and aging and disability waivers)
  • • Long-Term Care (LTC)
  • The Resource Center makes every effort to resolve issues as they receive them. When that is not possible, the Resource Center will gather the information, research the issue and respond with an answer as soon as possible.

    Technical Assistance

    The Resource Center provides the following technical assistance:

  • • Adjusts Service Agreements as appropriate
  • • Processes/reviews Home Care service agreement requests
  • • Assists staff resolve edits and error messages on service agreements and screening documents
  • • Assists staff with policy and technical issues related to service agreements and screening documents entry into MMIS
  • • Processes screening deletion requests
  • Screening Document Deletions

    Lead agencies must send screening document deletion requests:

  • • By fax only
  • • Using the Screening Deletion Request DHS-4689A (PDF)
  • Screening document deletion requests will be processed on a weekly basis – RC staff will make every effort to ensure deletion requests submitted by Wednesday afternoon will be deleted by the end of the week.

    Contact the Resource Center

    Lead agencies can email the Resource Center at

    Resource Center staff are available to reply to E-mails Monday through Fridays, between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

    The Resource Center encourages E-mail as the primary method of contact for the following types of requests. Include a contact name and phone number on all e-mails.

    1. Service Agreement (SA) change requests: Include PMI (Personal Master Index) number, last three digits of SA and change requested. Example: PMI 01234567 on SA 987 change rate on line 4 from $9.99 to $11.11.
    2. Edit questions: Include edit number, PMI number, last three digits of the screening document or SA and a short explanation of the issue.
    3. MMIS issues: Include PMI number when applicable and an explanation of the problem.

    DHS – Disability Services Division Resource Center information handout (PDF)

    Additional Resources

    DD Screening Document Codebook
    DSD MMIS Reference Guide

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