Child foster care programs

Licensing rules for child foster care programs

In some cases, Minnesota Statutes may have superseded or modified licensing rules. Licensing rules should be read in conjunction with Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A. Each program has license requirements unique to the individual program. Some require building, fire code and zoning approval before a license is issued.

Application forms listed are in the portable document format (PDF). For more information, see the DHS PDF page. DHS image

Minnesota Rule/Statute cite


Application procedures

Child Foster Care: Minn. Rules, parts 2960.0010 to 2960.3340 – Licensure of residential care and treatment or detention or foster care services for children in out-of-home placement. (Retrieve an entire chapter of Minnesota Rules.)


To apply for a license to provide child foster care services, contact your county agency.

Rule 4: Minn. Rules, parts 9545.0755 to 9545.0845 – Licensure of Private Agencies that Provide Foster Care and Adoption Services. Establishes standards for private agencies that place children for adoption or foster care. (Retrieve an entire chapter of Minnesota Rules.)


More information about applying for a license to provide foster care and adoption services.                

Rule 13:  Minn. Rules, parts 9543.0010 to 9543.0150 – Family Day Care, Adult Foster Care and Child Foster Care; Licensing Functions of County and Private Agencies. Establishes licensing requirements for county and private agencies performing family day care, adult foster care and child foster care licensing activities and functions delegated by the commissioner under Minn. Stat. §245A.16. (Retrieve an entire chapter of Minnesota Rules.)


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