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The Division of Licensing has primary responsibility to conduct licensing activities in DHS-licensed facilities. County agencies have primary responsibility to conduct licensing activities in family child care settings (Rule 2).

The Division of Licensing enforces standards adopted to protect the health, safety, rights and well-being of children in programs required to be licensed under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A and Minnesota Rules. Although the regulations governing the different types of programs vary, the duties of the licensors are similar. The licensors conduct license inspections for new and existing programs, monitor compliance with license requirements, process variances to licensing rules, provide technical assistance, issue correction orders and, if appropriate, recommend fines and conditional licenses or other licensing actions. Currently, routine site visits are required to be made at least once every two years.

Licensing actions taken to ensure compliance with licensing standards include issuing correction orders and conditional licenses and taking negative licensing actions such as imposing a fine, suspending a license or revoking a license.

Physician directive for infant sleep position available online

The Physician Directive for Infant Sleep Position form DHS-7216 (PDF) is now available on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. This form is the approved format for physicians to direct an alternate sleep position for an infant in DHS licensed programs.

Lists of licensed child care programs

An online listing of licensed facilities is maintained by the Division of Licensing.

More reports will be added as they are developed and converted for the Internet.

For more information, call (651) 296-3971, TTY/TDD: (651) 282-6832 or fax to (651) 297-1490.

Licensing rules for child care programs

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