Child Support – Incarcerated Parents

Incarcerated parents face unique challenges while incarcerated and as they transition back to the community.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any way to get my child support reduced or stopped until I get out of prison?

How do I file a motion?

When can support orders be changed?

I was successful in getting my support reserved while I am incarcerated. What happens after my release?

I have a child, but am not married to the mother. Is there a way to be recognized as my child’s legal father without going to court?

What if we’ve established parentage by signing the voluntary ROP and then change our minds?

My child’s other parent denies me any contact with my child. Can child support help me establish parenting time or get a change in custody?

I’m serving the last few months of my sentence. My driver’s license was suspended for non-payment of child support. What must I do to get my license reinstated?

My wife and I filed a federal joint tax return. We recently received a notice stating our refund was intercepted and applied to my child support arrears. How can my wife get her portion of the refund returned to her?

Is there any information available to help me transition back into the community?

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