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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Disability and Aging PolicyQuest

Page posted: 05/04/05

Page reviewed: 11/18/14

Page updated: 11/18/14


The Disability and Aging PolicyQuest is an automated Web-based system for lead agencies to submit policy questions. The public can view the responses.


Agency access coordinator

Each lead agency has a designated agency access coordinator who is responsible for the following tasks:

1. Set up and limit the number of access for agency users.
2. Maintain a current agency user list. This includes removing access for users when no longer appropriate.
3. Screen questions to determine appropriateness for submission.
4. Submit questions per lead agency policy.

Access authorization

The lead agency access coordinator authorizes access for agency users to:

  • Submit policy-related questions to Disability and Aging PolicyQuest
  • • Review responses from DSD and Aging policy staff.
  • To submit a policy question, the system requires a User Identification and Password. Contact your local agency access coordinator if you are unable to access the system.

    Agency users

    Agency users are lead agency staff who submit questions and review the corresponding DSD or Aging policy staff responses. Agency users are responsible to:

    1. Request access from the lead agency coordinator.
    2. Notify access coordinators of any changes to agency access needs.
    3. Submit policy questions that do not contain information that could identify specific service recipients/situations.
    4. Submit policy questions that only pertain to programs administered by the Disability Services and Aging and Adult Services divisions.

    Using DSD

    and Aging PolicyQuest


    The search feature is available to anyone. You do not need user identification and password to access the tool. You can search by program, topic and keyword. DHS image Disability and Aging PolicyQuest search guide (PDF)

    To ensure information is current, searchable questions and answers from the previous twelve months.

    The agency access coordinator may contact the Disability and Aging PolicyQuest administrator for technical assistance:

  • • AASD, AC and EW programs at 651-431-2572
  • • DSD waivers and programs at 651-431-4300, toll free 866-267-7655 or
  • Submitting a question

    Users should make every effort to research the answers to policy-related questions before submitting the question. Possible sources of information may include the following:

  • • Agency staff and supervisors
  • • DHS bulletins
  • • Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
  • • Disability and Aging PolicyQuest search
  • • Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) manual
  • Process

    If you cannot find the information you need, submit a question to PolicyQuest.

    Lead agencies must not include private or recipient/situation-specific information in a question. If questions or responses contain enough information that could potentially identify particular recipients, only the agency access coordinator or agency user who submitted the question will have access to the response.

    A designated aging or DSD policy staff will respond to questions within 10 working days. If the question is particularly complex and requires additional research by DHS staff, DHS will send an automated e-mail to the agency access coordinator or agency user to ask for additional time.

    For DSD questions that are specific to a disability program recipient, submit the question to your lead agency’s designated Regional Resource Specialist.

    Additional resources

    MHCP Provider Call Center at 651-431-2700 or 800-366-5411
    MHCP Member Help Desk
    (member/recipient Information) at 651-431-2670 or 800-657-3739
    More DHS program contact numbers

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