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Minnesota Department of Human Services Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM)
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Page posted: 5/4/05

Page reviewed: 12/27/17

Page updated: 1/16/18


PolicyQuest is an online, searchable, question-and-answer library. PolicyQuest is available to lead agency staff and the public who have questions about home and community-based services, programs and waivers administered by the Aging and Adult Services (AASD) and Disability Services (DSD) divisions.

How to use it


Lead agency staff and the public may search the database for previously submitted questions and answers from AASD and DSD staff. No user ID or password is needed to access the posted questions and answers library. Search options are:

  • • Agency
  • • Date
  • • Program
  • • Any word or phrase.
  • To search the database, visit PolicyQuest. For more help, search the user manual on the instructions page in PolicyQuest.

    Submit a question

    Before you submit a question to PolicyQuest, search other resources for an answer as well as using these steps:

    Step 1

    Search Community-Based Services Manual (CBSM) for your answer.
    If you do not find your answer, move to Step 2.

    Step 2

    Search PolicyQuest for your answer.
    If you do not find your answer, move to Step 3.

    Step 3

    Check with your supervisor or your MnCHOICES or rates mentors.
    If they cannot answer your question, move to Step 4.

    Step 4

    If you cannot find an answer using these other resources, designated agency staff may submit a policy question and DHS staff will respond. The agency admin designates which agency staff may submit questions.

    Submit your question to PolicyQuest. Please note the following:

  • • Enter or copy/paste your research resources in the manual reference field. Be sure to cite the manual(s) and page(s) or bulletin reference(s) consulted.
  • • Describe what is unique about your situation or how the CBSM was not clear enough to answer your questions. This will help us find the right resources to answer your question. Enter this in the manual reference field.
  • • We will use this information to improve the CBSM.
  • For more assistance, click on the instructions link in the PolicyQuest system.

    Logging in

    A user must have a user ID and password to submit a question. Contact your agency admin if:

  • • You cannot log in to the database
  • • You do not have login information
  • • Your login information changes.
  • Person- or situation-specific questions

    If you need to include specific information about a person or situation in your submission (e.g., personal health information), you should include it in the “supporting information” field only. This field will not be included in the posted DHS answer.

    Disability Services inquiries about a specific person or containing information about someone who receives Disability Services programs and services may also be emailed to the DSD Response Center. See CBSM – DSD Response Center for more information.

    Agency admin

    Each lead agency needs a PolicyQuest agency admin. The agency admin can submit questions and has additional responsibilities. If your agency does not have an agency admin, contact a DHS PolicyQuest administrator using the contact information at the end of this section.


    The agency admin:

  • • Sets up, maintains and removes access for lead agency staff designated as submitters in web access central security (WACS) using PQ as the prefix for user names
  • • Screens questions before submission.
  • Set up agency user access

    The agency admin authorizes access for local agency users:

  • • Designated users may submit policy-related questions to PolicyQuest.
  • • Agency admins review responses from DSD and Aging policy staff.
  • • Agency admins use the WACS system to manage PolicyQuest user accounts. Refer to WACS manual link on the instructions page in PolicyQuest for more information.
  • For more assistance

    The agency admin should:

  • • Refer to the Agency Admin Manual linked on the instructions page in the PolicyQuest system after login
  • • Contact a PolicyQuest administrator at DHS.
  • PolicyQuest administrators at DHS

    The system administrator at DHS you should contact depends on which services, programs or waivers you have a question about. If you have a question about using PolicyQuest, contact:

  • • AASD (i.e., AC, ECS, EW programs and services): email
  • • DSD (i.e., BI, CAC, CADI and DD waivers programs and services): email
  • Additional resources

    CBSM – Aging lead agency supports
    CBSM – DSD lead agency resources

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