Sign language interpreter referral

nnesota map divided into 8 regions.

Finding an interpreter

*Please note: this map represents regions of the state.
This map does not represent our DHHS regional office

What you need to know


Interpreter fees


Tips for working with interpreters

Federal and state law on interpreting

Grievance against an interpreter

MA Provider Manual

Legal Model Policy

Medical Model Policy

Standard Practice Papers

Arranging for Interpreters

Sign Language Interpreters

Video Relay Service and Video Remote Interpreting

Alternative communication accessibility options

CART services: Spoken English produced real time in a written format

Cued language transliteration: A visual system pairing mouthshapes and handshapes to distinguish spoken consonant and vowel phonemes.

Occupational communication specialist: Job coaches fluent in sign language for deaf and hard of hearing employees

Support service provider: Professional, personal assistance for DeafBlind consumers

Icon of sign language interpreters


  • For working interpreters: Information on interpreter trends, certification, etc
  • Summary Report for Public Use (2014): Results from Requests for Information (RFIs) Regarding the Challenges of Filling Interpreter Requests in Minnesota
  • Consent form to publish contact information on the DHS website (PDF): For certified sign language interpreters interested in posting your information on our site, please complete this form.
  • For student interpreters: Minnesota colleges, programs, and opportunities for students
  • Please contact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division regional office nearest you if you would like more information.
  • To learn more about Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division.

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