Licensed programs and services

Important Notice About Other Licensing Requirements

The Department of Human Services licenses and regulates the program services set forth below The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licenses and regulates certain facilities as it relates to sanitation and safety of the buildings and to the health, treatment, comfort, safety, and well-being of the persons being served. Depending on the service that you intend to provide in your facility, you may need a license from each state agency. Additional information for MDH licensing information may be found on their website for:

Supervised Living Facility

Food, Beverage and Lodging (FBL) License

DHS Licenses

Adult day services

Adult day centers

Family adult day services

Child care programs

Center based child care

Family child care

Children's residential facilities

Chemical health

Chemical dependency treatment programs

Detoxification programs

Home and community-based services

Foster care

Adult foster care

Child foster care

Foster care and adoption services – private agencies

Independent Living Assistance for Youth

Mental health programs

Children (See children’s residential care)

Mental health centers and clinics

Residential treatment for adults

Minnesota Security Hospital (accessible Word document, original PDF)

Minnesota Sex Offender Programs

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