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Local System Needs Plan (LSNP)

Page posted: 01/01/06

Page reviewed: 6/23/11

Page updated: 11/27/2007

Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. 252.282, subd. 1 through 4


Local System Needs Plan: Systematic review and determination of need for ICF/DD services within that county and region by program type, location, demographics and size of the licensed services for persons with developmental disabilities or related conditions.


Local system needs planning process supports the county’s ability to evaluate and plan its service system to provide for the needs and preferences of all persons with developmental disabilities.

Counties evaluate and plan their service system to support the needs and preferences of persons with developmental disabilities. Counties develop the LSNP in collaboration with the ICF/DD and people who reside there. The LSNP demonstrates how ICFs/DD fit into the overall service delivery model within the county.

Counties identify the comprehensive assessment of ICF/DD services; recipient needs and desires, provider performance and county management of services within the developmental disability service system.

From this assessment, counties determine needed resources and demonstrate how ICFs/DD align with the overall needs in the county and region. Counties may determine a need exists and recommend altering a package of ICF/DD and DT&H.

DHS uses the LSNP as the foundation for entering into purchase of service contracts with the ICFs and for evaluation of compliance with those contracts. DHS also used the information for overall state planning and evaluation of the effectiveness of the ICF/DD service system.

The LSNP includes:

  • • People for which a county acts as host county as well as county of financial responsibility
  • • People who do not reside in the county but for whom the county is the CFR
  • • People who reside in ICFs managed by State Operated Community Services
  • Timelines

    Complete the LSNP every two years. Each county is required to submit the plan no later than June 30 on odd years. To revise the plan during the two-year period, see Local System Needs Plan Amendment.

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