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Short-Term Designated Bed Vacancy Rate Adjustment

Page posted: 01/01/06

Page reviewed: 3/7/2014

Page updated: 3/7/2014

Legal Authority

2010 1st Special Session, Chapter 1, Article 25, Section 3, Subd. 8 (b), Minn. Stat. ยง256B.5013, subd. 7


In October 2003, Disability Services published Bulletin #03-56-14, which established 25 ICF/DD crisis beds for short-term admissions due to crisis care needs or care for medically fragile individuals. DHS allocated each of the 11 regions one bed, and the remaining available beds were assigned based on the short-term care needs of each region.

Legislation passed in 2009 temporarily suspended the occupancy rate adjustments for the short-term crisis beds effective July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2013.

Currently there are 14 short-term crisis beds in six regions of the state.


Short term designated bed vacancy rate adjustment: Rate adjustment to support specifically designated short-term beds statewide.


Eligible providers received an occupancy rate adjustment for up to 15 vacant days per month for each crisis bed.


To receive the short-term designated rate adjustment, eligible providers must complete and submit to DHS an ICF/DD Occupancy Report each month for each ICF/DD eligible to receive an adjustment.

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