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Fulfilling the Promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Disability is a natural part of the human experience. Having a disability does not mean a person has less desire to make choices about how to live, where to live and who to live with. It doesn’t lessen the basic human desire to exert control over one’s life. It doesn’t lessen the desire to be seen as a person first; a person with strengths and hopes.

These are some of the human values that are part of public laws, programs and policies. But how well do current public policies and practices in Minnesota really match these values? How well do public programs match what people with disabilities and their families want and need in real life?

Olmstead Sub-Cabinet

On January 28, 2013, Governor Mark Dayton issued an Executive Order establishing an Olmstead Sub-Cabinet to develop and implement a comprehensive Minnesota Olmstead Plan. Olmstead Sub-Cabinet meetings are open to the public. Meeting schedule is on the Meetings page.

Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan is available here and on the Documents page. To request an audio version of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan click here.

Olmstead Plan Modification

The proposed modification of the Olmstead Plan was submitted to the Court on July 10, 2014. That document is available on the Documents page of this website. There are three documents available. The first document is a full draft where modifications are noted with underlined text for new items and strikethroughs for items to be removed. The second document is a full draft where modifications are not identified with underlines or strikethroughs. The third document includes a summary of the proposed modifications to the Plan as well as a timeline of the process.

The Olmstead Sub-Cabinet welcomes feedback on modifications to and implementation of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan. Public comments can be sent to opc.public@state.mn.us.

Olmstead Implementation Office

During the drafting of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan, the Olmstead Sub-Cabinet was keenly aware of the need for an office to assure that the commitments of the Plan, the ‘Promise of Olmstead’, would become a reality.  The purpose of the Olmstead Implementation Office (OIO) is to assure that the Plan, in its entirety, is implemented.  This is the responsibility of the Olmstead Sub-Cabinet and the OIO works on behalf of the Sub-Cabinet to make sure that the vision, goals and time-specific tasks are achieved.  The broad scope and dimensions of the Plan necessitates a community effort with the agencies of the Sub-Cabinet, Minnesotans with disabilities along with other stakeholders coming together in alliance of effort to achieve a better future for all Minnesotans. 

The Sub-Cabinet has completed the search for a permanent executive director. In addition to the executive director, the office is operational with interim staff that are highly committed to getting the plan launched.   Below you will find the contact information for each of the OIO staff.   Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the Olmstead Plan.  We are available and excited to work with you to help move this plan forward. 

Darlene Zangara – Executive Director (651-318-0506) Darlene.Zangara@state.mn.us

Kristin Jorenby – Dispute Resolution/Outreach (651-259-7356 or 651-366-4723)