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Copays and limits

Most programs have copays for prescriptions and certain other services. Your health care provider will tell you if you owe a copay. There are no copays for:

  • • Pregnant women
  • • Children under 21
  • • People living in a nursing home or other long-term care facility for more than 30 days
  • • People receiving hospice care
  • • Services covered by Medicare (unless Medicare has a copay)
  • • Refugees who have coverage through the Refugee Medical Assistance Program.

  • Copays and limits are different for different programs. The Minnesota Health Care Programs benefit summary gives you an idea of costs you may have to pay.

    MinnesotaCare premiums

    Most MinnesotaCare enrollees pay a premium. A premium is the monthly payment enrollees must pay to start and keep health care coverage. How much you pay depends on your family size, income and the number of people getting coverage.

    The MinnesotaCare premium estimator gives you an estimate of your monthly premium amount. We will tell you the actual amount when you are approved for coverage.

    People who do not pay a premium include:

  • • Children under 21
  • • Households with an American Indian enrollee
  • • Some military families. Military families may be able to get coverage without a premium for up to 12 months if a family member completed a military tour of duty within two years of being approved for coverage. This benefit is available to members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves.
  • Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) premiums

    Most MA-EPD enrollees pay a premium. You can estimate your premium amount by using the MA-EPD premium estimator. We will tell you the actual amount when you are approved for coverage. American Indian enrollees do not pay a premium.

    Spenddowns for Medical Assistance (MA)

    Some people who have more income than the MA income limit can qualify using a “spenddown” . A spenddown is like an insurance deductible. This means you are responsible for some medical bills before MA pays.

    Parental fees for MA-TEFRA and waiver services

    For some children who have a disability, parents’ income is not counted when deciding if the child qualifies for MA. However, parents may have to pay a monthly fee. Parental fees are based on income and other factors. You can estimate the amount you may have to pay using the online parental fee estimator.

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