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MFIP ES Training Course Offerings and Links/Attachments

Catalog of all ES related training opportunities including course descriptions, direct links, and registration instructions.

What's new?

Combined Manual May 2017 Updates

Combined Manual Updates for May 2017 are now available.
The link to the CM Home Page is:
The link to the What’s New in the CM for 05/2017 is:

Revised - Bulletin 17-68-08 Updated Federal Poverty Guidelines and Suggested Social Services Fee Schedule

Presumptive Disability for Pregnant Women for Birth Month

A presumptive medical disability is to be granted to a woman on MFIP or DWP who has given birth. "Good Cause" is found for the month of birth and 6 weeks following the end of the month of birth. Because MFIP is determined by benefit month, a Good Cause Medical Disability is granted for the month of delivery and 2 full months following the month of delivery. Presume that a woman who has given birth has a Medical Disability WITHOUT requiring a completed Medical Opinion Form (MOF) from her Doctor. Instructions for Financial Workers are given in the MAXIS TEMP Manual TE13.051 (attached).

Registration is Open for the 2017 Joint Counselor Training: Partners for Equity

The two-day training will be held May 17-18, 2017 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota.

This training will develop skills and manage stress, share best practices, build relationships and promote system and policy changes that make a difference. Note: You are responsible to make and pay for your own hotel reservation. Additional information is on the event registration page. A tentative agenda is available upon request.

Attached is a DRAFT of the list of session topics for this year: 2017 JCT Sessions Draft

Meeting your MFIP Employment Services training needs

A training needs assessment survey is being developed to allow DHS to prioritize and make informed decisions about the resources and training offered to you. Keep your eye out for this opportunity!

In the meantime, we still have the ES Training Request Form, which is available on the MFIP Employment Services Training and Provider Resources Information website, under "Employment Services provider resources."

May MFIP Employment Services training change

The May offering of the 3-day MFIP Employment Services class will be held in Detroit Lakes on May 23rd, 24rd, and 25th. Registration is open in TrainLink, however seats are filling up fast! This class date and time were changed because of the conflict with the Joint Counselor Training this year. Thank you to all who offered up their space for us this May!

MFIP Employment Services Manual April 2017 Updates

MFIP Employment Services Manual Updates for April 2017 are now available.
The link to the ES Manual Home Page is:
The link to the "What’s New in the ESM for 04/2017" is:

MFIP ES training calendar - through July, 2017

May 10 ___________ MAXIS Inquiry for ES Workers
May 17-18 ________ Joint Counselor Training (Rochester)
May 19 ___________Workforce One Basics Training
May 23-25 ________ MFIP Employment Services Training for New Workers (Detroit Lakes)

June 21___________ Employability Measure Part A

July 18-20 _________MFIP Employment Services Training for New Workers
July 18 ___________ MAXIS Inquiry for ES Workers
July 21 ___________Workforce One Basics Training

August 23 _________Employability Measure Part A

September 19-21 ___MFIP Employment Services Training for New Workers
September 22 ______Workforce One Basics Training

Please check TrainLink for times, room locations, etc. for all trainings listed above. Additional trainings may be added to this list, please check back frequently. For any questions, please contact Susan Seidl, Training Coordinator at: or 651-431-4139.

* Register for WF1 trainings through the WF1 system under Resources. Information will be published as soon as possible.

Old news:

Child Care Provider and Parent Outreach Materials
Governor Proclamation for Human Services Worker Day!

Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs DHS-6696

FAQ on colleges that are closing

FSS Non-Compliance for Employment Services Providers

Transit Assistance Program (TAP) offers $1 rides -- Ride for $1 per trip – including transfers – until April 10, 2017!

2016 Joint Counselor Training Materials Now Available

Family Violence Waiver Presentation Material Available

Positive Supports Minnesota launched

Changes to the MFIP Housing Assistance Grant Effective August 1, 2016
New child support law impacts MFIP clients

Handouts and links referenced in ES training:

MFIP ES Referrals, Expectations, Requirements, and Performance Measures
ES Referral Process, Coordination of Services, & Sequence of Services

Bulletin #15-11-02: Work Will Always Pay

Interviewing and Assessments

Intro to Assessments, the EM, and Interviewing

What is Ethical Behavior?

Assessment tools PowerPoint handout

Facts About the Americans with Disabilities Act

Assessments Resources

Characteristics of LD in adults

Employment Plans, Activities, and Supports

Employment Plan Process

Activity Types & Corresponding Activity Examples

MFIP Work Activity Daily Supervision, Documentation and Verification Guide

Employment Services MFIP Activity Guide Tip Sheet

ES Activities: CORE, Non-CORE, Allowable, and FLSA

DHS Monthly Training/Education Log

Education Documentation Guidelines

MFIP ES Education and Training Brochure

Bulletin #14-11-02 Policy Changes to Education and Training Activities in MFIP

DHS-5784-ENG MFIP/DWP Employment Services Weekly Job Search Activity Log

Job Readiness, Life Skills and Job Skills Directly Related to Employment Guidance

Writing Effective Employment Plans

Supports and CCAP PP slides

Job Counselor CCAP Worker Roles Grid

Family Stabilization Services

Family Stabilization Services

FSS Pre-Sanction Checklist, DHS-6075

Domestic Violence Information brochure, DHS-3477

Sanctions, Extensions, and Worker Resources

MFIP Sanction Policy and Good Cause

MFIP Notice of Intent to Sanction, DHS-3175

DWP/MFIP Status Update Form, DHS-3165

Extensions and Exit Reasons

Worker Resources for Employment Services Providers Handout

Employment Services provider resources:

MFIP ES Training Course Offerings and Links/Attachments
2016 Joint Counselor Training Materials
ES Advisory Group Information Sheet

Income Maintenance - training information
ES Training Request Form
General Registration and Training Information

Motivational Interviewing Tips

Self-Employment Income Policy Guide

Pertinent bulletins:

Bulletin 17-68-06 Changes to Child Care Assistance Program Immunization Requirements
Bulletin 16-11-01 DHS Reissues "Work Will Always Pay...With MFIP"

Bulletin 16-68-14 County Responsibilities for the Transfer of a Child Welfare Case to a Tribal Agency

Bulletin 16-68-13 Transfer of a Child Welfare Case to a Tribe Outside of Minnesota

Bulletin #16-69-04 2016 Uniform Income Determinations and Reporting Requirements for Cash Programs and Child Care Programs

Bulletin #16-69-03 2016 Changes to Agency Error Overpayment Policy for Cash Programs

Bulletin #16-32-08 Calendar Year 2017 Participation Rates

Bulletin #16-68-10 Update of Federal Poverty Guidelines and Suggested Social Services Fee Schedule

Bulletin #16-32-01 Information to Assist Counties and Tribes with Preparation & Submission of Fiscal Reports

Bulletin #16-32-03 Human Service 2016 Allocations

Helpful links:


Employment Services Manual - MFIP/DWP
County Reports

DHS Systems Information Resource (SIR)


Workforce One

Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)

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