Rule 25

Rule 25 refers to the administrative rule that addresses chemical use assessment, administrative requirements, and appeal and fair hearing rights of the client. All 87 Minnesota counties, 11 American Indian Tribes, and 9 state contracted Managed Care Organizations are mandated to provide this Rule 25 assessment to anyone who requests one, or for whom a chemical use assessment is requested. Use of a standardized, uniform, State-developed assessment tool was implemented in July 2008.

Clients who meet both clinical and financial requirements are eligible to have treatment paid for by the Consolidated Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund.

For a statewide listing of contact numbers for a Rule 25 Assessment click the CCDTF Rule 25 Referral Numbers.

Rule 25 Updates

July 15 Update

July 15 is the date of the switch to electronic billing. This is the result of a 2007 State law and is required of all providers, not just those that provide addiction treatment services. Should you have any questions, concerns or specific issues about this, please see the Provider Relations communication.

Questions, ADAD recommends the following links to the MHCP Enrolled Providers and MN-ITS home pages for billing policy and procedures.

Assessment tool for Rule 25

The form is available at Rule 25 Assessment. This version is not fillable. The tool collects non-public data that is protected by privacy laws. The fillable and savable version is only available to professionals already knowledgeable about how to secure protected client data. A copy of the fillable and savable form is available by sending an e-mail request to

The rules are available in two formats. The official rules are available on the website of the Revisor of Statutes and published as a single document. The rules are available as separate documents on the Laws and rules webpage. Additionally, the placement decision guide is available on the Minnesota Matrix.

For more information about Rule 25, contact us at: or call us at (651) 431-2460.

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