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Medicare Savings Programs help people who have low income pay the cost of their Medicare coverage.

What do the Medicare Savings Programs cover?

Depending on what you qualify for, it may pay your:

  • • Part B premium
  • • Part A premium, if any
  • • Copays and other health care costs that Medicare does not cover.
  • How do I apply for Medicare Savings Programs?

    Complete the Minnesota Health Care Programs application (PDF) and turn it in to your county human services office.

    Can I get Medical Assistance and a Medicare Savings Program at the same time?

    Yes, in many cases. The county will review your application to see if you qualify for both Medical Assistance and Medicare Savings Programs.

    What is the income limit?

    The income limit and whose income is counted depend on who lives with you.

    Can I qualify if I have a house or car?

    Yes, usually the home you live in and a car are not counted toward the asset limit.

    Can I qualify if I have savings, a retirement account or other assets?

    Yes, but there is an asset limit.

    What will it cost?

    There is no cost for Medicare Savings Programs. However, there may be costs such as copays related to Medicare and Medical Assistance.

    When will it start?

    Medicare Savings Programs usually start the month your application was received. Some people may get Part B premiums paid going back three months from the date your application is received.

    When your Medicare Savings Program coverage starts, Social Security will stop taking Medicare premiums out of your monthly Social Security check.

    What if I have other health insurance?

    You may still get coverage. You must tell us if you have other health insurance in addition to Medicare.

    What if I need health care services that Medicare will not pay for?

    You may be able to get help through Medical Assistance. See:

    What if I have questions about Medicare Part D?

  • • Visit the Medicare website at or call 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227)
  • • Call the Senior LinkAge Line at 800-333-2433
  • • Call the Disability Linkage Line at 800-333-2466
  • To apply for help with prescription drug costs through Medicare Part D:

  • • Visit the website at
  • • Call your local Social Security office
  • Personalized assistance for prescription drug options is also available through Minnesota’s RxConnect helpline at 800-333-2433 or

    Printable brochures on Medicare Savings Programs

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    Disability Linkage Line
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