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The MnCHOICES assessment is in the final stages of development and testing for its first release. The MnCHOICES assessment uses a person-centered approach in guiding trained assessors to gather information to identify the strengths, preferences and needs of the individual.

DHS is providing the content of the MnCHOICES assessment to share the questions with interested people. The documents below include text and all questions from the MnCHOICES assessment. Not all questions will be asked of each individual. The certified assessor will ask the questions relevant to each individual being assessed.

DHS worked closely with many people to create the assessment, including:

  • • Advocates
  • • Individuals who receive services and their families
  • • Lead agencies
  • • Other stakeholders
  • • Providers
  • Their participation has been valuable; the assessment reflects their feedback and ideas.

    The documents are in the same order below as in the MnCHOICES assessment application. The content on the documents are as of August 2012. Working together with partners and stakeholder lead to many revisions not included in the August version:

    Person Information August 2012 (PDF)

    OBRA Level 1 August 2012 (PDF)

    Quality of Life August 2012 (PDF)

    ADLs August 2012 (PDF)

    IADLs August 2012 (PDF)

    Health August 2012 (PDF)

    Psychosocial August 2012 (PDF)

    Memory & Cognition August 2012 (PDF)

    Safety/Self Preservation August 2012 (PDF)

    Sensory & Communication August 2012 (PDF)

    Employment August 2012 (PDF)

    Housing & Environment August 2012 (PDF)

    Self-Direction August 2012 (PDF)

    Service Related Rights and Choices August 2012 (PDF)

    Caregiver October 2012 (PDF)

    Assessment Information August 2012 (PDF)

    Assessor Conclusions August 2012 (PDF)

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    Find more information about MnCHOICES on the MnCHOICES web page.

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