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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 08/2013
Revision #4

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It is not necessary to send a notice of SNAP expiration to clients who applied and were certified for SNAP and cash assistance on the same CAF, and the end of eligibility periods for those programs coincide.

For all other clients, MAXIS will send a notice of SNAP expiration before the last month of their certification period. MAXIS will send the notice during the month before the last month of the certification period.

Give the expiration notice at certification to clients certified for only a 1- or 2-month period. The notice must include:

The date their certification ends.

The date by which they must file an application for recertification to provide for uninterrupted benefits. See 0009 (Recertification).

Their right to request an application and have the agency accept it when they sign it, and the name and address are legible.

The address of the office to file the application.

Their right to file the application by mail or through an authorized representative.

That they must attend an interview and reschedule any interview they miss.

That they must provide mandatory verification items requested at the interview.

That if every unit member receives SSI, they may apply for recertification at the local SSA office.

The notice must also contain all of the information listed in 0026.03 (Content of Notices).

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