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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 12/2012
Revision #3

All state debt that becomes 121 days past due is to be referred to the Minnesota Collection Enterprise (MCE).

In March, 2004 MCE changed its name to Collection Division of the Department of Revenue. The codes and process for debt referral will continue to be referred to as MCE on MAXIS.

The requirement to refer claims DOES NOT apply if the claim meets 1 of the following conditions:

There is a dispute over the amount or validity of the debt.

The debt is subject to legal action or administrative proceedings.

The agency determines that the debtor is adhering to an acceptable payment arrangement.

Claims that meet ALL of the following criteria are system selected to be referred to MCE for collection:

The claims are for MSA or GA.

The client’s program participation status has been inactive for at least 275 days for all programs.

The claim balance is greater than $100.

The claim is between 275 and 1,827 days old.

There was no collection activity on the claim within the past 275 days.

Once selected, county staff will have 60 days to review the claim. If the claim is not excluded within 60 days of selection, the system will send a notice to the client to give the client 30 days to resolve the claim, and inform the client of additional MCE fees that will be applied to the debt. At the end of 30 days, if the claims worker has not updated referral status, the system will refer the claim to MCE to begin the collection process.

Clients who are referred to MCE are assessed additional collection fees by MCE and are responsible to pay the collection fees assessed to the claim, regardless of where they send any further payments. The additional fees are not recorded on MAXIS. Refer all client questions regarding fees or collection process to MCE.

For MAXIS instructions on MCE, see TEMP Manual TE02.09.41 (Minnesota Collection Enterprise (MCE)), TE02.09.41.03 (MCE Payment and Contact Information).


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