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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 04/2013
Revision #6

The following changes in a participant's status trigger a message to the job counselor from MAXIS to Workforce One:

County Transfer. Indicates the county the case was transferred to and from. (SPEC/XFER).

Disability Status. Indicates a change in the person’s disability status. (STAT/DISA).

DWP/MFIP Sanction. Indicates a change in the person’s sanction status for MFIP and/or DWP. (STAT/EMPS).

Employment. Indicates a change in information about the person’s job(s). (STAT/JOBS).

Employment Services Status. Indicates a change in the person’s ES Status for Employment Services and whether a participant meets the eligibility criteria for Family Stabilization Services (FSS). (STAT/EMPS).

Household. Indicates any changes to a 2-parent or 1-parent household and/or Emergency Needs Last Used. (ELIG).

HRF/Review Closure. Indicates that the case has been closed in MAXIS for a missing HRF or Eligibility Review. (ELIG).

MAXIS Worker. Indicates any change in MAXIS Worker assigned to the case. (SPEC/XFER).

Non Citizen. Indicates any change in the immigration status and nationality. (STAT/IMIG).

Other Personal. Indicates any change in level of education and citizenship. (STAT/MEMI).

Personal. Indicates any change in name, DOB, Gender, Race, Hispanic/Latino, Language, Alien Registration Number. (STAT/MEMB).

Phone Number. Indicates any change to the person’s primary phone number. (STAT/ADDR).

PMI Merge. Indicates a new PMI if the person’s PMI has been merged in MAXIS.

Privacy. Indicates any change in the person’s privacy level in MAXIS. (PRIV).

Program. Indicates any change in the program status (pending, active, inactive). begin/end date and/or closure reason. (ELIG).

Relationship. Indicates any change in the person’s relationship to applicant in MAXIS. (STAT/MEMB).

Residence. Indicates any change in the person’s residence address and secondary phone. (STAT/ADDR).

Sanction Count. Indicates any change in the number of sanctions recorded for the whole case and the individual person. (STAT/SANC).

Self-Employment. Indicates changes in the person’s self-employment. (STAT/BUSI).

SSN Change. Indicates a new SSN or SSN Verification as it’s changed in MAXIS.

TANF Months. Indicates any change in the projected 60th month, extension reason or banked months, and the number of months TANF received. (STAT/TIME).

Report any relevant changes to the child care worker using the DWP/MFIP Status Update Form (DHS-3165).

In addition, report the following changes to job counselors and child care workers using the DWP/MFIP Status Update Form:

Notice from the participant of circumstances that indicate good cause for failure to cooperate/comply with program requirements.

Any other change in status that affects support services, such as amount of child care or transportation provided.

Keep a copy of the DHS-3165 in the case file. The back side of the last sheet of the DHS-3165 lists the type of changes you must report.


No provisions.


Follow MFIP, EXCEPT SNAP E&T uses the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) Status Update Form (DHS-3165A).

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