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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 07/2012
Revision #3

For further information on excluded time facilities, see 0011.06.03 (State Residence - Excluded Time), 0011.06.06 (State Residence - Interstate Placements), 0011.12 (Institutional Residence).


The financially responsible county for people who live in excluded time facilities or receive excluded time services is:

The county they lived in (in non-excluded time status) immediately before entering an excluded time facility.


The county they lived in before receiving excluded time services.

If, for example, a person lived in county A, directly entered a facility in county B, then transferred to a facility in county C, county A would remain financially responsible. See 0011.06.03 (State Residence - Excluded Time), 0011.09 (County Residence).

For people who enter excluded time facilities or begin receiving excluded time services during the 2-month transfer period, do not transfer responsibility until the client is in non-excluded time status for 2 full calendar months. Transfer responsibility on the 1st of the month after the 2nd full calendar month the client is in non-excluded time status. See 0006.06 (Moving Between Counties - Participants), 0006.18 (Excluded Time Facilities and Services).


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