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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 05/2013
Revision #5

Reporting requirements are determined by the programs the unit receives.

Some units must report monthly. See 0007.03 (Monthly Reporting - Cash), 0007.03.01 (Monthly Reporting - Uncle Harry FS).

Some units must report every 6 Months. See 0007.03.02 (Six-Month Reporting - SNAP).

Some units must report when a change occurs. See 0007.15 (Unscheduled Reporting of Changes - Cash), 0007.15.03 (Unscheduled Reporting of Changes - SNAP).

Explain the purpose of reporting to clients. Provide units on monthly reporting with Household Report Forms (HRFs) (DHS-2120) (PDF). See 0002.31 (Glossary: Honoraria...) for the definition of HRF. Provide units on Six-Month Reporting with the Combined Six-Month Report (CSR) (DHS-5576) (PDF). See 0002.61 (Glossary: Self...) for the definition of a CSR. Provide units not subject to monthly or Six-Month Reporting with Change Report Forms (DHS-2402) (PDF).

Review HRFs and CSRs for thoroughness and mandatory verifications. Return incomplete HRFs or CSRs. See:


Agency Responsibilities for Client Reporting.


What Is a Complete HRF/CSR.


Incomplete HRF/CSR.

There are deadlines for all types of reporting. See:


Monthly Reporting Deadlines.


Six-Month Reporting Deadlines.


Unscheduled Reporting of Changes - Cash.


Unscheduled Reporting of Changes - SNAP.

Some programs allow reinstatement of benefits if the unit submits the report in the month after it was due. See 0007.03.06 (Processing a Late HRF), 0007.03.07 (Processing a Late Combined Six-Month Report).

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