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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 06/2013
Revision #5

No provisions. See 0007.03 (Monthly Reporting - Cash).


No provisions. See 0007.03.07 (Processing A Late Combined Six-Month Report), 0007.15 (Unscheduled Reporting of Changes – Cash).


SNAP units with earned, unearned, or no income who do NOT meet any of the criteria below are Six-Month Reporters:

Units in which all members are homeless. See HOMELESS in 0002.29 (Glossary: Gross RSDI...).

Units in which all members are in the migrant work stream. Not all members must be in agricultural work, but all members must be traveling together for this purpose.

Units in which any member is a seasonal farmworker.

Units in which all adult members are elderly or disabled if the unit has no earned income.

Units living on Indian reservations. Unit members do not have to be members of a tribe to be eligible for this exemption.

Those units receiving MFIP, including the Uncle Harry Food Support cases.

For information on what is considered a complete Combined Six-Month Report (CSR) (DHS-5576), see 0007.12.03 (What Is a Complete HRF/CSR).

For Uncle Harry FS monthly reporters, see 0007.03.01 (Monthly Reporting – Uncle Harry FS).

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