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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 08/2013
Revision #8

See 0008.06.06 (Adding a Person to the Unit - Cash).


Add the person to the unit effective the 1st of the month after the month the unit reported the person is in the home. This also applies when adding a newborn to the unit. If adding the person reduces the benefits, you must give proper notice.

A person must meet all verification and eligibility criteria before you add the person to the unit. See 0011 (Technical Eligibility), 0012 (Procedural Eligibility), 0014 (Assistance Units).

Whether a unit is categorically eligible or non-categorically eligible determines how a person's income and assets are treated. To determine if a unit is categorically eligible or non-categorically eligible, see 0013.06 (SNAP Categorical Eligibility/Ineligibility).

When adding a new member to a non-categorically eligible unit, the new member's income and assets, in combination with the unit's income and assets, must be within the income and asset limits. If either exceeds the limit, terminate assistance for the unit. See 0008.06.12 (Adding a Person's Income), 0013.06 (SNAP Categorical Eligibility/Ineligibility), 0019.06 (Gross Income Limits), 0020.12 (SNAP Assistance Standards).

If you are unable to make the change effective the month after the unit reported the change because you cannot give proper notice, determine if the unit is overpaid. See 0010.21 (Verification Due Dates) for time lines to allow. See 0007 (Reporting), 0025.03 (Determining Incorrect Payment Amounts), 0026.12 (Timing of Notices).

When the addition of a person results in a decrease in benefits, count the 1st month after the unit reported the change as the person's 1st month of prospective budgeting, even if notice requirements prevent actually reducing benefits for that month.

Do not prorate a new person's needs. See 0022 (Budgeting and Benefit Determination).

Add a SNAP E&T sanctioned member of a multi-person household back into the unit beginning the 1st of the month following the date the sanction ends. See 0005.09.09 (When to Use an Addendum to an Application).

A single adult in a 1-person household may be eligible beginning the day following the date the SNAP E&T sanction ends or the date of application, whichever is later.

See 0028.30.06 (Type/Length of SNAP E&T Sanctions).


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