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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 04/2013
Revision #5

Multiple ownership of an asset may make it partly or entirely unavailable to a client.

For procedures on completing the asset panels in MAXIS, see TEMP Manual TE02.10.31 (Jointly Owned Assets).

Consider assets of people living in shelters for battered women and children inaccessible if another owner is a member of their former household, and access to the asset is dependent on the cooperation of a member of the former household.

Military persons being deployed overseas may provide their parent or other people access to their bank accounts allowing them to pay the military persons’ bills or otherwise handle their affairs while they are gone. Exclude the accounts if the unit can document that it can only access the account, or a portion of the account, to pay the deployed military persons’ bills, AND the unit cannot use the funds for its own needs. Verification must be provided from the deployed military persons, a statement from the bank or financial institution or other verification documenting this arrangement.


When 2 or more people own an asset, presume each person owns an equal share of the asset, EXCEPT that each joint owner of a personal checking account or savings account is considered to own the entire account.

A unit may prove that it only has access to part of the asset. When the unit proves greater or smaller ownership, use the verified ownership amount to determine net asset value for both applicants and participants. See 0010 (Verification).


SNAP has no asset test.


Consider assets unavailable if the client must have another owner's permission to dispose of the asset, and the other person refuses.

When 2 or more people own an asset, presume that each person owns an equal share of the asset.

When there is only 1 MSA applicant or participant account holder on a jointly-held account, presume all funds in the account belong to the MSA applicant or participant. If the other owner of a joint account is an MSA applicant or participant or a responsible relative whose assets you deem available, presume ownership of equal shares. Allow a person who disagrees with your presumption an opportunity to rebut the presumption.

When joint owners prove greater or smaller ownership, use the verified ownership amount. See 0010 (Verification).


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients. Follow MFIP for all other adults.

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