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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 12/2014
Revision #7

No provisions.


See 0004.04 (Emergency Aid Eligibility - SNAP/Expedited Food).


See EGA.


To receive Emergency General Assistance (EGA) a unit must meet ALL the following conditions:

Have not used EGA within 12 months following each use after 7-1-03. Anyone in the unit receiving EGA makes the entire unit ineligible for the 12-month period. Also, see 0004.01 (Emergencies - Program Provisions).

Be in an emergency situation in which it is without, or will lose within 30 days after application, a BASIC NEED item as defined in 0002.05 (Glossary: Assistance Standard...). An emergency situation must require immediate financial assistance. The financial assistance required by the emergency must be temporary and must not exceed 30 days.

Have an emergency that threatens the unit members’ health or safety and meet the written criteria adopted by the county agency.

The applicant and family, if any, must have a net income under 200% of the federal poverty guidelines for the previous year.

The unit must not have received or be eligible for emergency aid from the County Consolidated Fund within 12 months of application for EGA.

At least 1 person in the EGA unit must meet GA or GRH citizenship or immigration status requirements listed under 0011.03 (Citizenship and Immigration Status).

For a single person, a childless married couple, or a family, at least 1 person must have lived in Minnesota for at least 30 days.

The unit must not currently be eligible for or receiving MFIP.

Disqualification from GA or MFIP must not have caused the emergency.

Eligibility may not exceed 30 days.

Aid is subject to the availability of funds.

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