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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 05/2013
Revision #4

Give applicants who are ineligible for a program a denial notice. Provide the notice no later than the end of the application processing period. See 0005.12.15 (Application Processing Standards).

When you approve an application for 1 cash assistance program, do not send a notice of denial for other cash assistance programs, with the EXCEPTIONS noted below.

When denying an application because clients only submitted page number 1 of the Combined Application Form (CAF) or an ApplyMN application with no program selection (UNKWN listed as the program code in the name), deny for all programs.

For most situations, give at least a 10-day notice before terminating or suspending benefits. See 0026.12.03 (10 Day Notice). There are some EXCEPTIONS. See 0026.12.06 (5 Day Notice), 0026.12.09 (Adequate Notice), 0026.12.12 (When Not to Give Additional Notice), 0026.12.15 (When to Give Retroactive or No Notice), 0026.12.18 (Cash Cut-Off Notice), 0026.27 (Notice of Mass Changes).

Notices of denial, ineligibility, termination, or suspension must contain the information listed in 0026.03 (Content of Notices).


When you process a case in the application month and the client is eligible for MFIP for that month but not for the next months, MAXIS will issue separate approval and denial notices for each month. See 0005.12.15 (Application Processing Standards).

If you find the unit ineligible for MFIP, and they did not request SNAP on the CAF, ask them if they want SNAP. If they do, determine eligibility for the entire SNAP unit, using normal SNAP policies. The original date of application is the SNAP request date.

A notice must be sent for any factor that will affect the future month. Sometimes more than 1 notice must be sent for the future month. See TEMP Manual TE10.20 (SPEC/LETR - MFIP Sanctions for Future Month) for use of a SPEC/LETR to give official notice of a sanction for the next month during the time period between MAXIS autoclose and 10-day notice cut-off dates. Do not use the SPEC/LETR when a notice can be issued by MAXIS or when a case is being closed for a 100% sanction. The SPEC/LETR must be sent 10 days before the effective date of the change.

When you close an MFIP unit due to ineligibility or the 60-month time limit and the unit remains eligible for SNAP, indicate in the closing notice that the unit is eligible for SNAP and does not need to contact the county office unless the unit wishes to decline SNAP benefits.

If you close an MFIP unit that contains an Uncle Harry Food Support (UHFS) unit, you must add the MFIP unit members to the Uncle Harry Food Support unit the 1st day of the month the unit is no longer eligible for MFIP. These units become non-public assistance SNAP units and are subject to all the provisions of the SNAP program. Send a closing notice for SNAP if adding the new members result in the unit's ineligibility for SNAP.


When you process a case in the transition month and the client is eligible for WB for that month but not for the next months, MAXIS will issue separate approval and denial notices for each month. See 0005.10 (Minnesota Transition Application Form (MTAF)).


Follow general provisions.


If a unit is eligible for the month of application but ineligible for subsequent months, MAXIS will issue separate approval and denial notices for each month. See 0026.12.09 (Adequate Notice).

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