MHCP Enrolled Providers

MHCP Provider Update TRN-04-01

Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation Program

June 30, 2004

This provider update only applies to providers serving MHCP recipients residing in the seven county metro area.

Effective 7/15/04, the metro Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation (MNET) program will begin for Medical Assistance (MA), General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC), and MinnesotaCare (pregnant women and children only) recipients. MHCP recipients residing outside the seven-county metro area are not affected by this change. Recipients who live in the seven county metro area and belong to a health plan will use MNET only to obtain their mileage reimbursement. They will receive all other transportation services from their health plan, as they do now.

Access Transportation Services (ATS)

MNET will coordinate and provide all Access Transportation Services (ATS) previously handled by the seven metro counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington. ATS may include transportation by a volunteer driver, common carrier (bus, light rail, taxi), contract for services, or direct mileage reimbursement to the recipient or the recipient’s driver, and parking fees, meals, lodging and commercial airline fares.

Special Transportation Services (STS)

MNET will handle all assessments to determine the level of need for all types of transportation to health care services, including Special Transportation. For recipients residing outside this seven county metro area, there will be no change in the assessment process – continue to fax the Certification of Need form to DHS.

The switch to MNET will result in the following process changes for STS providers:

1. STS providers will no longer be responsible for any portion of the certification process. The certification process is now called the Level of Need (LON) assessment. Before a current STS client’s certification expires, MNET will contact that client and conduct a LON reassessment of their transportation needs. The recipient is responsible for letting the STS provider know that they are undergoing a LON reassessment. If you are aware of an upcoming expiration on one of your clients, bring this to the attention of your client and MNET, so that the recipient may be re-assessed before their expiration date occurs. 2. If you have a question about the status of a recipient’s eligibility for STS, verify recipient eligibility using the online Eligibility Verification System (EVS) or by calling EVS at (651) 282-5954 or 1-800-657-3613, or verify eligibility using MN-ITS. 3. If you know that a recipient is undergoing a LON assessment, and you need to know the status of the assessment because of a pending ride, contact MNET. 4. All recipients seeking STS for the first time must first be assessed by MNET. 5. If a LON assessment by MNET determines that a recipient needs the STS level of transportation, the recipient will continue to be free to choose any provider they wish. Upon request, the MNET will provide the recipient with a list of all STS providers enrolled to serve the seven-county metro area. MNET will not make recommendations regarding STS providers.

LON assessments will be conducted by MNET health care professionals. If a recipient has their transportation service level reduced, terminated or denied, they will be informed of their appeal rights. Only a recipient can file an appeal.

The billing process for providing STS services will not change. The MHCP Provider Call Center will remain available to answer all questions related to billing and claims.

Any sub-contracts that a transportation provider chooses to sign with MNET for the purposes of providing ATS is strictly between the provider and MNET.

A transportation provider may be enrolled with the MHCP to provide STS services and also have a sub-contract with MNET to provide ATS services.

Additional Resources

For your further information, the Notice to Recipients that was mailed to all metro area eligible recipients is attached.

MNET Call Center can be reached at 1-866-467-1724, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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