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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 06/2016
Revision #8

Exclude the 1st $2,000 a person receives each year from his/her interest in Indian trust land or other restricted Indian lands.

Exclude the 1st $2,000 per person per year of per capita payments from Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe or Grand Portage Band as a result of annual payments to the Tribe from the State of Minnesota for voluntarily restricting tribal rights to hunting and fishing in ceded territories.

Exclude American Indian tribal land settlements as income if the Public Law awarding the settlement directs its exclusion. The following settlements affecting Minnesota tribes are excluded as income from all programs:

Any funds distributed per capita under Public Law 98-123, Public Law 98-124, and Public Law 99-377 to the Mississippi Band Chippewa Indians of White Earth, Leech Lake, and Mille Lacs reservations.

Payments to members of the White Earth Band from the White Earth Reservation Land Settlement Act of 1985 (Public Law 99 264, Public Law 100-153, and Public Law 100-212).

Payments from the Cobell v. Salazar class action settlement between the United States Government and American Indian plaintiffs whose land trust royalties were mismanaged by the United States Interior Department (Public Law 111-291). For how to treat this as an asset, see 0015.30 (Assets - Payments Under Federal Law).

For information on settlements not listed, contact the Local Agency Support Policy Center.

Count tribal per capita payments from casinos as unearned income. If not received monthly, convert into a monthly amount. See 0017.12.03 (Unearned Income).


Count per capita payments made to members of the Fond Du Lac Bands of Chippewa Indians as unearned lump sum payments. See 0017.15.30 (Lump Sum Income), 0022.15 (Counting Lump Sums as Income).


Follow MFIP. After the initial DWP determination, exclude any unanticipated income the unit may receive.


Follow general provisions.


Count per capita payments made to members of the Fond Du Lac Bands of Chippewa Indians as unearned income in the month received.


Follow MSA for aged, blind, or disabled clients. Follow MFIP for all other adults.

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