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Combined Manual


ISSUE DATE: 06/2016
Revision #5

There are many kinds of trusts. Payments made to a trust, or from a trust to a client (or for the benefit of the client), are considered trust disbursement income.

Count trust disbursement income as unearned income. See 0017.12.03 (Unearned Income). If income from a trust is unavailable, the client must try to make it available. See 0015.06.06 (Availability of Trusts).

Do NOT count trust disbursement income from a special needs trust or supplemental needs trust. See SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST in 0002.63 (Glossary: Special Diet...) and SUPPLEMENTAL NEEDS TRUST in 0002.65 (Glossary: Suitable...).

Have your county attorney review that a trust meets all the conditions of a special needs trust or supplemental needs trust. DHS does not review trusts.


Follow general provisions. After the initial DWP determination, do not count any unanticipated income the unit may receive.


Trust disbursements are not available income.


For SSI recipients, no county action is required.

For non-SSI recipients, follow GA.


Follow general provisions.

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