6/2017in SNAP adds a new 3rd paragraph to give Domestic Violence Information (DHS-3477) (PDF) to all units recertifying for SNAP.
9/2016updates the name and link of the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual. No policy was changed.
2/2015in MFIP, SNAP, MSA, GA, GRH adds clarifying language about when the CAF can be signed.
1/2015in MFIP deletes face-to-face recertification requirement language because a face-to-face interview is not required.
12/2014Removed WB.  This program was suspended 12/1/14.
1/2014Deletes reference to Notice About Income and Eligibility Verification System and Work Reporting System (DHS-2759) & Instructions for Completing the Combined Application Form (DHS-2989). In MSA, GA, GRH deletes & rearranges language for clarity.