10/2018updates cross-references to TEMP Manual TE02.05.68 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Waived Reservations), TE02.05.69 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Waived Counties) due to section title changed. No policy was changed.
9/2018in SNAP adds and deletes information about the 36-month rolling clock and regaining eligibility throughout.
4/2018in SNAP adds and deletes information throughout. Adds new information about an ABAWD being unfit for employment if the person is currently homeless AND meets the criteria outlined in this exemption.
10/2017in SNAP adds language about participating in WIOA and TAA. Clarifies subheading ABAWD ELIGIBILITY AFTER THE 3 MONTHS-2ND 3-month period. Adds subheading ABAWD ELIGIBILITY–REGAINING ELIGIBILITY & updates information. Changes made due to Bulletin 17-01-01.
12/2016Under EARNING ADDITIONAL MONTHS adds to use higher of federal or state minimum wage. Under ABAWD ELIGIBILITY AFTER THE 3 MONTHS clarifies to use any 30 consecutive days to determine if work activities qualify ABAWD for benefits for 2nd 3-month period.
11/2016in SNAP adds to refer ABAWDs receiving RCA to SNAP E&T if there is no RCA ESP. Changes "20 hours or more per week" to "at least 20 hours per week". Adds job search activities to be allowable must be less than 50% of the required 80 hours per month.
10/2016update references to 0017.15.18 (Employment, Training, and National Service Program Income) and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) due to title/name change.
9/2015under sub-heading ABAWD ELIGIBILITY in the 5th paragraph adds a new last bullet for people with a statement from a qualified professional. Under sub-heading EARNING ADDITIONAL MONTHS changes "household's" to "unit's".
12/2014Removed WB.  This program was suspended 12/1/14.
7/2014in SNAP adds, deletes and rearranges information throughout.