3/2017in SNAP under the sub-heading EXCLUDE deletes and adds clarifying language about Initial Refugee Resettlement Funds.
12/2016in SNAP update the terms "VOLAG" to "Local Resettlement Agency" and "Refugee Resettlement Grants" to "Initial Refugee Resettlement Funds".
10/2016Updates section due to Legislative changes for Program Uniformity/Income.
9/2016in GA deletes to exclude MFIP, MSA, or GA payments received by women living in facilities for battered women because it is not accurate.
12/2014Removed WB.  This program was suspended 12/1/14.
7/2013in MFIP in the 1st paragraph adds WB received to the list of benefits to count if received in the same month as MFIP or DWP.