7/2017in SNAP updates farm loss terminology and the title of the SNAP Farm Loss Policy Guide.
5/2017in MFIP, DWP, SNAP and GA adds information about current income.
1/2017Under SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME CALCULATION moves former 2nd paragraph to a new last paragraph for clarity. Adds if the client applies for a new program they may choose to use either 50% gross or taxable income method for that new program.
2/2016deletes previous Self-Employment policy and adds Simplified Self-Employment policy throughout. This change was EFFECTIVE 02/01/15.
12/2014Removed WB.  This program was suspended 12/1/14.
11/2012update Food Support and FS to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and FSET to SNAP E&T throughout. No policy was changed.