10/2018updates cross-references to TEMP Manual TE02.05.68 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Waived Reservations), TE02.05.69 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Waived Counties) due to section title changed. No policy was changed.
10/2017in SNAP deletes the 5th bullet because providing home schooling to a child is not an exemption.
3/2015in SNAP changes "household" to "unit" for clarity.
1/2015in SNAP in 1st paragraph in 7th bullet clarifies people residing in a household with a household member under the age of 18, even if the household member is not eligible for SNAP, are exempt from mandatory SNAP E&T participation.
12/2014Removed WB.  This program was suspended 12/1/14.
11/2013update cross-references to TE02.05.68 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Exempt Reservations), TE02.05.69 (ABAWD SNAP E&T Exempt Counties) due to section title changes. No policy was changed.