12/2017in SNAP clarifies documenting conversations with clients about meeting work registration exemptions. Updates ESL to English As a Second Language (ESL)/English Language Learning (ELL).
10/2017in SNAP adds and deletes information throughout. These changes are being made as a result of the SNAP policy changes outlined in Bulletin 17-01-01.
12/2016in SNAP in the 3rd from the last bullet corrects the name of the Employment Plan. It also deletes "One or more program components is equal to the components of the SNAP E&T program" as this is obsolete.
11/2016in SNAP deletes the Training Program contact information as it is no longer accurate. In the next to last bullet clarifies that the exemption is available if the person is following the treatment and rehabilitation program plan.
9/2015in SNAP deletes list of Qualified Professionals, adds language about Qualified Professionals, deletes statement that pregnancy does not routinely exempt a participant. Adds work registration requirements are waived if SSI denial is being appealed.
8/2013changes section title and update cross-references to 0028.06.03 (Who Must Participate in Empl. Services/SNAP E&T), 0028.06.10 (Who Is Exempt From SNAP E&T). No policy was changed.