Sustaining Your Nonprofit Into the Future:

3 circles representing Financial Stability, Community Engagement and Strategic Positioning  A Curriculum for Home and Community Based Service Providers

The challenges facing nonprofits have never been more intense than they are today.  The availability of traditional public and foundation supports can no longer be taken for granted.  This comes at a time when the aging of the population begins to dominate the demographic landscape, and the need for services is expected to grow.  Therefore, the time is now for your nonprofit to develop a creative strategy to sustain yourself into the future. 
This three-part educational program will help you design a sustainability plan that works for you.  These courses will encourage you to think broadly about nonprofit sustainability.  The first course helps you assess your community’s needs and find ways to create sustaining relationships. The second course helps you identify your strategic position - or “niche” – and how your strengths fit with the community’s priorities.  The last course provides tools to help you sustain yourself financially. 

The Three Circles of Sustainability

1.  Community Engagement:  Creating Sustaining Relationships
2.  Strategic Positioning: Maximizing Your Strengths for the Future
3.  Financial Stability: Balancing Revenue Against the Cost of Providing Service 

Sustainability of your nonprofit is built upon three overlapping principles:  Community Engagement, Strategic Positioning and Financial Stability.   Although they are each separate principles, the three circles together must support and complement one another.
This curriculum is designed for health and human service leaders, managers, agency board members and direct service providers who support Minnesota’s older adults.

You will receive maximum learning value by completing all three courses.  Each course will take you approximately one hour to complete. 

At the end of each course, you will be asked to complete a short evaluation.  After completing the evaluation, you will be able to print a “Certificate of Completion” for your records.

Thank you for taking the time to complete these courses.  Our goal is to provide you with information that is useful to you.  We hope you discover new ideas that will be your springboard to long-term sustainability.

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